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Unlocking Personal Flow & Happiness

The demands of modern day living has put so much stress on us. Thanks to technology, everything is moving so fast. We are so overstimulated that it’s hard to stay connected to the core of who we are.

Have you ever experienced being so wound up that you can’t even get a good night’s sleep? And do you sometimes feel stuck in the quicksand of your own doubts? When was the last time you looked at the world around you and felt pleased? When was the last time you laughed? I mean, really laughed.

Here’s how you can free up your energy and creativity, and get back into the flow: The 2-day Unlocking Personal Flow & Happiness workshop by 95%.

You will get to:
  • Release negative patterns and limiting beliefs to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.
  • Identify blind spots so that you can make self-corrections
  • Understand the 6 needs of the mind and how to fulfill them : Love, Significance, Certainty, Variety, Contribution, Growth.
  • Create your own Personal Growth Formula
As a result, you’ll experience :

  • Freedom from Negative Patterns
  • Unlocking Extraordinary Hidden Potential
  • Practices for Self-nourishment
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Less Stress, Greater Joy
  • And you’ll have a positive ripple effect on the people around you.
Training Outline
Day 1
9am – 1pm • Universal Principles that Make Life More Effective
• The Power of The Unconcious Mind
• Changes, Conflicts and How They Affect You</td>
1pm – 2pm Lunch
2pm – 6pm • Growth and Success Formula
• The Power of Intent
• Unleashing Your Internal GPS
• Releasing Your Bagage to Move Forward
• Self – reflection
• The Art of Effective Communication
6pm – 7.30pm Dinner
7.30pm – 10pm • Uncovering Your Significance in Family, Company, Society
Day 2
9am – 12.30pm • Releasing Stress
• Reviving Happiness
• Awakening Every Cell in Your Body
12.30pm – 2pm Lunch
2pm – 6pm • Bringing Out The Inner Gifts
• Going Out Of Your Comfort Zone
• Unleashing Your Internal GPS
• Expanding Your Creativity
• Appreciation
Who should attend : Anyone and everyone who wants to free up their energy and creativity, and get back into a productive flow
Trainers : Janet Lee, Chin Lai Meng, Christie Seah
Duration : 2 Days
Boomerang Points : 30 points

Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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The first intake in April saw 18 pax discovering happiness, clarity and courage. They were 100% satisfied, and 72% TOTALLY satisfied.

The first intake in April saw 18 pax discovering happiness, clarity and courage. They were 100% satisfied, and 72% TOTALLY satisfied.

What the participants gained
• Happiness
• Clarity & Purpose
• Courage
• Acceptance
• Humility & Openness
• Awareness

Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

I can be more truthful to myself, freeing myself from impositions that were pre-mediated since I was small. – Harry Dinata


I am more aware of the ‘signs/omen’ and opportunities and with the positive thinking and lighter baggage (I discharged a lot) things are a lot easier to resolve, problems becomes smaller and I laugh more out loud freely. I am happy! – Yenny


I gained a lot of revelations and more clarity in terms of what is important to me and where I stand today. I definitely recommend this workshop to others! – Stephanie


I enjoyed all of them. I really like the growth and success formula. That is where I realised mutual nourishing plays an important part. – Alex