The Power of Me

Ignite Passion, Develop Resilience and Leadership In Your Team

‘The Power of Me’ is a 3-day intense personal growth programme designed to ignite passion, develop resilience and leadership qualities, and build a steady sense of self-worth in employees.

‘The Power of Me’ is based on Shine, a successful training that was initiated by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4As) Malaysia and developed by 95%. It was first launched in 2005, and has seen 16 successful instalments.

Through Shine, 95% has trained more than 550 participants from the following disciplines: Creative, Client Servicing, Digital, Media and Events. Some of the earlier participants are great leaders in today’s communication industry, such as Sathi Anand, Executive Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Malaysia; and Alex Goh, Associate Planning Director of M&C Saatchi.

Today, Shine is well known and receives the enthusiastic support of many advertising, media and marketing professionals in Malaysia and Singapore.

Training Objectives
The Power of Me Programme will lead you to look within yourself to discover your values, purpose and power. You will :

  • Explore your purpose in life and how you can take ownership of your lives and the choices you make
  • Explore and break through limiting beliefs and mindsets that get in the way of your success
  • Liberate your creativity and boost your passion
  • Develop ‘people skills’ : from inspiring fellow colleagues to being able to relate to industry leaders
  • Practice what you’ve gained in the training to your ideas and presentations
  • Develop emotional intelligence : instill mental stamina and resilience to handle intense challenges
  • Develop leadership as a core quality so you can have more initiative and be more effective in your work

Training Content

Part 1 : Pre-Training Foundation
Purpose: To provide clarity about what you would like to achieve in the training, set your goals, and get to know other participants

What is covered:

  • A briefing on why this programme was created for you and what value you will gain
  • Briefing on the ground rules
  • Briefing on what each of the three days will cover
  • A sample of the various types of mechanisms that will be used during the training, such as experiential exercises, interactive lectures, dyads and open sharing.
  • Once you have clarity about what you can gain from the programme, you are given an opportunity to make a conscious choice – to embark on your journey of discovery or pull out from the programme.
Part 2 : The 3-Day Training
Day 1 : It’s All About You (9am – 10pm)

  • You will be guided to self-inquire on where you are in your lives right now
  • The Iceberg Theory
  • Introducing the pillars of the programme – Intention, Responsibility, Authenticity and Responsibility
  • Setting up small groups, selecting captains and creating working agreements
  • Honesty Exercise : You will get to realize how honest you are with yourself
  • The Power of Intention : An exercise where you realise that when there’s a will, there’s a way
  • An exercise on choice : You will be guided to take ownership of the choices you’ve made in your lives
  • Victim-victor mindsets : You will get to see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of both mindsets
  • Vicious cycle : You will realise that many of their actions are automatic responses because of the limiting beliefs you have
  • Posturing exercise : You will realise what are some of the limiting beliefs you have
  • Win-win : You will understand what it means to play win-win in your lives
  • Authentic self-expression : An exercise where you get to experience authentic self-expression. You will also experience what it means to step into a new moment and leave the past behind.

Day 2 : You As An Effective Leader And Communicator (9am – 6pm)

  • Five levels of communication : You will get to understand that you can communicate at different depths to create different degrees of closeness and bonding with others.
  • You will understand what it means to stand for your buddy to win.
  • You will have the opportunity to breakthrough your beliefs about communicating with strangers.
  • Role play : You get to apply the lessons to resolve conflicts
  • Assignment briefing : you work on a work-related assignment that is decided by the client’s Management.
  • You will have the chance to work on the assignment with your buddies / small groups. You will have the whole night to work on the assignment.

Day 3 : Applying Lessons From Day 1 & 2 (9am-4pm)

  • Check-in : How are you, and is your assignment ready for presentation?
  • Assignment Presentation : Client’s Management are invited for the presentation where you will have the opportunity to impress them with your assignment. At the end of the session, the client’s Management provide feedback on the assignment presented.
  • Debrief : What worked, what did not work, and what’s next? You are guided to realise that this is feedback that you can choose to grow from to prepare for future work assignments.
  • Goal setting : You are guided to set goals which are to be achieved within 30 days.
  • Acknowledgement process : You are guided to recognise the gifts in themselves and others.
  • Before you go : The final exercise will place ownership of your growth into your hands.
Lead Trainers : Janet Lee
Shaikh Shahnaz Karim
Duration : Part 1: 4 hours
Part 2: 3 Days
Time : 9am – 6.30pm

Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

Sense of relief and eye opener about the difference between belief & values. I can overcome the beliefs that already stayed deep inside my subconscious. Stop pretending to be tough, sometimes it is okay to be vulnerable but need to get out immediately after completing the experience. Living the moment, seize the opportunity. – Narila Hasbullah, Head of Facilities Management Dept, Cyberview


I gained a lot of values from this training. I have choices in life, life may not be easy but there’s always a way out! – Ellie Soraya Mohd, Asst. Manager, Brand, Promotions & Event, Cyberview


I think I’m becoming more powerful, I’m not shy anymore, just do it! – Mohd Zulkifli Harun, Senior Executive, Cyberview


I realised that the thing that has been stopping me is myself. – Noor Azleen bt Zainal Abidin, Senior Executive, Cyberview