Corporate Trainings Testimonial
What the Industry Heads Say
“95% doesn’t just train people. Janet Lee and her team gave our people tools they can use for a lifetime of personal and professional growth and development.”
Geraldine Beh
Managing Director
“Many people found the science of communication useful and something that they can apply to their job immediately. They are waiting in anticipation for the next one. I am glad that the senior management are very open to trainings now.”
Fairuzah Mohd Ahmad
HR Manager
Saujana Consolidated Berhad
Grreat Eastern
“The staff are all elated over the training and enjoyed it tremendously. Please continue to drive them to their peak, and we will see how we can launch a second programme soon.”
Nancy Lim, SVP & Head
Human Capital.
Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) Berhad

What Our Participants Say:
“This is excellent, finding a new part of me, new changes which can lead my team to reach one vision.”
Darwins Taniwan
General Manager
Aplaus The Lifestyle, Indonesia
“The programme helped me identify my goals and prepare myself to achieve them. It also taught me how to adjust myself when working with different types of people. I think my other colleagues will find it very interesting and useful.”
Santhiran s/o Muniasamy
Senior Reporter

“This programme was effective as it made us understand ourselves better. It gave us an opportunity to identify our weakness so that we can work towards improving ourselves and the quality of UMSC in order to achieve its vision of excellence.”
Normawaty binti Norddin
Ward Attendant
“In addition to the many lessons I got from this training, I felt that my passion and determination
to do my best at UMSC has been revived.”

Mohd Aszuwan Rosli
Khazanah Nasional
“It was so inspiring that I will begin with this new spirit!”
Indi Nervilia
Khazanah Nasional