Ad Agency Testimonials
What the Agency Heads say:
Global Brand Forum

“You guys did an excellent job of putting together the Strategic Planner’s Workout for the 4As.

It was very apparent that all participants walked away a few feet taller and with a spring in their step – Many of them inspired and transformed. This conference / workshop set a benchmark in terms of “being a first” in KL. Congratulations and Keep up the good work!

Karthik Siva
Global Brand Forum

Publicis Malaysia

“In early 2010, as part of the Publicis Malaysia change program, I took the decision to engage Janet and 95%. We needed help on three things; bringing a broad business strategy to life for the management team by having them write a shared vision. Secondly, we needed to cascade the vision to the staff in an exciting, real and practical way. Lastly and probably the most important, we needed on-going help on the follow through.

Janet and her team have been amazing in constructing the program. They have inspired us, pushed and challenged us, and coached us to a really great place. At all times the team has been hands-on and personally committed to our successful change. In fact we feel like they are now part of our management team.

And it has not stopped there. In addition to future top-up vision exercises we have planned, we are also aligning our training calendar with the specific training modules from the 95% training programs, special tailored programs and even one-on-one training.

95% is a one-stop change management service; from analysis, tailored change programs and execution to modular training programs to suit your needs. And always hands-on; simply brilliant!”

Dean Bramham
Managing Director
Publicis Malaysia

Draft FBC
“It is my hope that 95% continues its fine work and that the 4As continues to support programs such as these to nurture talent in this industry and this country. Should a CV come across my desk that shows that the applicant took this program, my expectations of that candidate in terms of their potential and maturity will be higher.”
Joseph De Leon
Strategic PLanning Director
Draft FBC
Naga DDB
“I am impressed with what I saw during the short time I was there. The frank yet fair opinions given to the attendees will benefit them immensely. The use of a group of trainers is exceptionally good as this would ensure that everyone is given all the attention they need. The feedback from the one of my Naga DDB staff that attended was “… everyone should go…” I congratulate you for a job well done.”
Alan Lim
Naga DDB
McCann Erickson
“The (Shine) training had an amazing effect on the juniors – everyone I spoke to seem so inspired after the session. More importantly, they stopped looking at their jobs as “fighting with creative, delivering Fas, thinking that all Clients are painful”. I think they started to appreciate what they could contribute to their jobs and to the industry. Hopefully this will keep them going for a long time.”
Michelle Ong
General Manager
McCann Erickson
“I was impressed by the quality of people. They all are very enthusiastic and full of energy. My feeling of the training is that it brings out a lot from your personal you. The students seem to open up and be confronted with themselves.

Overall, I had a good impression of the training. There was a good group feeling. And they all realised they are not the only person facing the problem. On the other hand, I think it’s a mature world and if you want to survive, fight for it.”
Bas Moreu
Executive Creative Director

“I only hear good comments from various agencies on the SHINE program. Well done.”
Datuk Vincent Lee
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents
“I know that you have made a difference in the lives of the people at the Shine training. Many thanks on behalf of the 4As. We need some positive outlook for the industry and it starts firstly with a small group and then I’m sure it will catch on.”
Tony Savarimuthu
Vice President
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents

“I have found my creative staff re-energised from their experience (which is great! ). They are coming across more positive, determined and taking the lead in some instances rather than just sit back and let things slide. I also learnt that some of my other staff have special strengths that I was previously unaware of – and will now seek to nurture these strengths. I believe that for some of the participants, a weekend like this will prove to be a positive turning point or a very significant moment in their careers, and, more importantly, their lives.”
Szu Lee
Deputy Chairman & Executive Creative
Director, McCann Erickson

What Our Participants say:

“Outstanding, Enriching,Liberating”
Christie Herman
Participant of Shine Leaders
Creative Director, McCann Erickson

MacCann Worldgroup

“You can always raise the bar if you believe in yourself truly”
Yvonne Lee
Participant of Shine Leaders
Account Director, McCanns Worldgroup Singapore
“I think this training is extremely useful for us advertising people, as it makes us realise that in order for us to successfully change people’s life, we first need to look at and evaluate ourselves.”
Cassandra Lee,
Participant of Shine
DDB International