Strategies for Business Innovation

By Karthik Siva

3 urgent reasons why companies need innovation

  • To win the war for talent: 66% of Millennials will only join companies that are innovative.
  • To experience increased productivity and growth: Innovative companies achieve up to 60% extra revenue growth ( 2 year CAGR among S&P companies )
  • Innovative companies enjoy a 50 % “innovation premium” in Market Valuation versus their competitors

Innovation is the primary differentiator and driver of business leadership.

If you carefully look at any category leader, any company, institution, or even person, that you admire, you will almost always find that they are innovators.

Innovation is the life blood of growth: a business simply cannot move forward without innovation. It will struggle to remain competitive, its products and services become commoditised, margins fall, costs increase and employees leave.

We can define innovation from a business standpoint as the capacity to solve problems and create value through the introduction of new ideas.

Although Product Innovation is one of the most visible parts of innovation, it is not the only one. The other areas of innovation include Process innovation, Service Innovation, Technology Innovation, Organisational Innovation, Business Model Innovation,  Strategy Innovation and Marketing Innovation.

Innovation encompasses a diverse spectrum.

Innovation in any one area creates value and tangible ripple effect and economic impact across other areas and functions as well. 

Innovation is not a rare ability limited to legendary companies or leaders.
It is a learnable skill. And it can be institutionalised.

The 2-day Strategies for Business Innovation Workshop is a highly impactful programme where business leaders get to learn a strategic approach to business innovation.

The workshop uses patented interactive and immersive techniques along with proven innovation frameworks and models to teach and coach the participants to understand and apply innovation to their respective businesses. It makes business innovation easy, simple and practical.

This transformative workshop removes the complexity involved in the business innovation space and helps the participants master the following :

  • Simple Frameworks to Understand & Master Business Innovation
  • Easy to use Innovative Processes that can be applied immediately
  • Best Case Practices from Case Studies / Examples around the world
  • Hands on Approaches to practise Business Innovation Skills

This workshop is designed to inform, inspire and transform the participants with the goal of taking them to the next level in terms of their business innovation skills, insights, approaches, processes and perspective. 

By mastering these principles, you can ensure your business’ growth by innovating, not just on products, but processes, marketing, services, technologies and business model to keep your business on a continuous path of growth and profitability.

Who should attend : CEOs, Senior Management and Heads of Departments.
Trainer : Karthik Siva
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 6.30pm
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Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.