Strategic Thinking for Media Planners

The Media Specialists Association is proud to present Strategic Thinking for Media Planners. Born out of the industry’s need to continuously raise the bar in strategic thinking, this is the first programme of its kind for the media industry in Malaysia.

In this highly hands-on 3-day programme, industry legend P.V. Narayanamoorthy is joined by industry masters Sulin Lau, Desmond Choong, Ranganathan Somanathan and Anirban Ganguly to inspire and lead mid to senior level media planners to new levels of mastery in strategic thinking.

Mastery comes only with practice. And we’ve designed the programme such that participants will have the opportunity to immediately refine their skills by putting the new learnings to practice after the end of each talk. The modules are designed to take the participants through the entire work process, from the receipt of the brief in Module 1 to the presentation of the media solution in Module 6, giving you a wholistic workout.

Day 1
Module 1: Seeing the Big Picture
Speaker: Sulin Lau
(Head, Marketing Services, DiGi Telecommunications)
Media has evolved beyond the handful of TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazine publishers. With it, the role of the media planner has also evolved to become more complicated, yet more interesting. The media plan is no longer just a vehicle for the creative idea, it can be the creative idea! Media agencies no longer play second fiddle to advertising agencies, they have started to take the lead in offering creative solutions to the clients’ business problems. To step up to this role, a deeper understanding of the clients’ brand and business issues is required.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the client – brand background, positioning and creative idea
  • Understanding the client’s business issues
  • Identifying business challenges via deep consumer and shopper understanding
  • Use of data and analysis to make strategic choices and translating these choices into priorities and actions to drive business

Module 2: Identifying Prime Prospects
Speaker: P.V. Narayanamoorthy
(Independent Strategic Communications Consultant)
The target is at the heart of every campaign. However, it’s no longer as easy to connect with them as before, as the development of media in the last decade has changed the way consumers interact with media and brands forever. Communication is becoming more and more targeted as marketing is evolving from creating awareness to building relationships, channel centric to consumer centric and from being standalone to integrated multi-platform. It is therefore imperative to identify the target with laser precision and understand how they buy the client’s product or services. In this module, learn how to identify the best prospects for your brand so that ROI is maximized.

Topics covered:

  • Defning the target audience with laser precision via demographics, psychographics, lifestyle and lifestage
  • Delve deeper into the purchase cycle
  • Examining the role of infuencers and retailers in the purchase cycle
Day 2
Module 3: Mining Insights From Data
Speaker: Desmond Choong
(Director of Business Science, Aegis Media Berhad)
Once the target audience is defined, it is time to take a deep dive into the consumer’s attitude, behaviour and motivation. This module strengthens your ability to extract key insights from data that lead you to ideas on how to connect the client’s brand with a real consumer need. And this will form the springboard for ideas that ‘wow’.

Topics covered:

  • Use data to understand the consumer in terms on attitude, behaviour and motivation
  • Leverage this understanding to identify key consumer needs from data
  • Identify opportunities for growth by building trials or CDI

Module 4: Developing The Solution
Speaker: Ranganathan Somanthan
(CEO, VivaKi Malaysia)
Here’s the fun part. With all the ground work done, it is time to unleash your creativity to develop ideas that will engage the consumer. What opportunities are there in the changing media landscape and media habits of the target for new, effective and innovative contact points? Then, how do you holistically integrate all these touchpoints to optimize the media budget and plan?

Topics covered:

  • Developing ideas that excite and engage the prime prospects
  • Identifying the most appropriate contact points based on market dynamics and business needs
  • Using receptivity insights and changing media habits to fnetune contacts choices and develop role for each contact choice
  • Optimizing media budgets & plans via holistic integration of touch points

Module 5: Execution & Evaluation
Speaker: P.V. Narayanamoorthy
(Independent Strategic Communications Consultant)
After all that strategising and planning, it is time to roll out the plan. How do you ensure that execution is fawless? And once the plan is executed, the hard work of evaluation begins. What were the returns on investment? How do you measure these returns? What went right? What went wrong? And what are the learnings to take for the future?

Topics covered:

  • Taking a look at deployment
  • Evaluating the e?ectiveness of the plan
  • Driving accountability via

    • understanding the importance of fawless execution
    • developing metrics for measurement
    • building knowledge for best practices
  • Bringing the learnings forward to the future
Day 3
Module 3: Selling Your Media Plan
Speaker: Anirban Ganguly
(Communications Planning Director, Omnicom Media Group)
Media plannning is by nature data rich. But that’s no reason to condemn your audience to data overdose and death by powerpoint. In this module, discover how you can bring data and media plans to life via dynamic story telling.

Topics covered:

  • Selling your Media Plan through dynamic story telling
  • Combining soft skills with technical expertise to convince the client

Group Presentations
After 3 days of intense practice, here’s your chance to present your media plan to a panel of industry experts and learn from their feedback. Each group will present their assignments.

Who Should Attend: Mid to senior level media planners
Duration: 3 Days

HRDF Claimable
If you are registered with HRDF, you have already set the money aside. This training is fully HRDF claimable, under the SBL and SBL-Khas schemes.

Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

Key Learning: Positioning, insights and truth of target are the keys that I have gained at this workshop. – Har Kah Choen, Art Director, 180 Degree Strategic Communications S/B


Overall – A good 3 days workshop. Worth going! Definitely looking forward to more & more exciting/ interesting workshop that media planners are able to participate. – Dzeti Mohamed, Media Supervisor, Universal Mccann


I learnt about single minded positioning, exercising the left and right brain, step by step guide to developing a strategy, have your own mini brainstorm to develop an idea. – Ho Jen Na, Brand Executive, Intigus Sdn. Bhd