Shine is an industry wide program designed for the 4A’s of Malaysia, to empower the next generation of ad professionals.

Throughout 11 successful intakes of Shine, we have trained 409 industry practitioners from 70 over ad agencies.There is a 97.8% satisfaction rate, with the vast majority of them saying the training was ‘relevant and useful to their jobs’.


Shine Leaders had recently completed it’s second installment. In it’s previous installment, we received positive feedback not only from Malaysian agencies but even from agencies in Singapore who saw the value in the Shine trainings.

When the ad industry was facing the dilemma of finding good entry level talents, Datuk Vincent Lee, president of the 4A’s of Malaysia, approached 95% to design a programme to train entry level talents specifically for the positions of Copywriters, Account Executives, Strategic Planning Executives and Marketing Executives.

In a brave move to attract the best brains, Datuk Vincent promised that upon graduating from 95%’s Hydrogen training, these fresh talent would get jobs in 4As agencies with a starting salary of RM2,300. When this was launched in June 2008, several ad agencies jumped in and agreed to offer guaranteed jobs.

Upon enrollment, the Hydrogen candidates were assigned to an agency, and given a thorough briefing on what was expected from them.

Six months of training then followed for the candidates and towards the end of it, they were given a brief to work on. They then presented their works before a panelist of judges who came to the final presentation.

An impressed Brian Lee, Director of Corporate Marketing, Samsung Malaysia, who was among the panelist of judges wrote to 95% after the presentation, and here is an excerpt from his letter:

“The presenters not only did their homework and research well but also exuded a level of confidence required for the industry they will soon join. I believe 95% The Advertising Academy is the first in the country to provide an accurate feel on what the industry is really about. This will prepare the Hydrogen candidates to short-cut their ‘freshie’ stage and have a quantum leap at the beginning of their career. I truly believe this will set new heights for the industry.”

Students Of 95% Consistently Tops Student Kancil Awards

95% trains students to be on the same wavelength as professionals and our results: students of 95% have been winning the Student Kancil Awards for four years in a row!


Norman Tan

Norman Tang won Gold and Best of the Best.

While Norman was pursuing his Degree at LimKokWing in the daytime, he attended 95% classes at night.

He was already brilliant, but his creativity was wild and random. At 95%, he learnt to discipline his thinking and to create brilliant ideas on purpose and not by accident!

Norman went on to join Dentsu Malaysia where he won an award at Cannes, the most prestigious advertising award show in the World. He has also won Bronze Kancil Awards in 2006 and 2008. Once an award winner, always an award winner.

He is currently employed at McCann Erickson.


Andrew and Chris

Andrew Wong and Christopher Choong each won a Gold, together with LUCT classmate Phang

The only two Gold Awards of that year were won by the graduates of 95%. Chris is now working at Draft FCB while Andrew now owns his own web company.


Fajr Kurnia

Fajar Kurnia won the only Gold Award of the year. (He also won Silver and Bronze for two of his other entries)

Fajar is the most awarded student of 2007. His passion and commitment are almost inhuman! He spent close to five weeks working on the Gold winner, and had to revise his copy dozens of times! He is currently employed at Ogilvy, Singapore.


Ng Bee Nee

Ng Bee Nee won a Gold and is awarded Best of the Best in the Student Category. Bee Nee is still very new to advertising. She graduated with a Degree in English from the UK and joined the Hydrogen Training in August. 3 months later, she won Malaysia’s highest award for students.

She is currently employed at McCann Erickson.

Creating Malaysian Global Brands With MDeC


95% was commissioned by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to design a programme to coach their technopreneurs to become brand leaders. We developed the Brand Mastery Series, and to date, we’ve coached 20 companies to develop their Brand Vision, Values, Positioning and Strategy.

Brand Internalisation Programmes And Cultural Change

Brand Internalisation programmes lead the staff to explore and
understand what the brand means to them, and what value will be
created when they embrace their role as ‘ambassadors’ of the
brand. This creates :

  • Alignment towards a common goal and values.
  • Team unity and a network of support.
  • Clarity of purpose.
  • An emotional attachment to what the organisation stands for.
  • A change in company culture.