BFM Interviews

play Creating A Culture of Creativity
Featuring : Janet Lee & Shahnaz Karim
play Building A Creative Team
Featuring : Janet Lee & Shahnaz Karim
play Innovative Leaderships
Innovation leadership involves synthesizing different leadership styles in organizations to influence employees to produce creative ideas, products, services and solutions. In a world that is ever changing with new technologies and processes, it is becoming necessary for organizations to think innovatively in order to ensure their continued success and stay competitive.
Featuring : Janet Lee



play Changing the Way the Ad Industry Works
Marketing Magazine
24th September 2008



play Addressing Talent Shortage through Fasttrack
The Star
1st October 2016
play Fasttrack 2014 Realises Leo Burnett’s Vision to Convert High-Performing Executives to Leaders
The Island
25th July 2014



play Hervantage : Building & Retaining Advertising Talent
BFM, Featuring Michelle Achuthan, Head of Knowledge Management of 4As
14th May 2014
play The Graduate Fellowship Programme Gives Ad Industry a Fighting Chance
The Star
10th May 2014
play 95% The Advertising Academy Graduates Its Second Batch for the Graduate Fellowship Programme
Advertising + Marketing
6th December 2013
play Closing the Talent Gap with Graduate Fellowship Programme
The Star
22nd June 2013
play The Graduate Fellowship Programme Closes Talent Gap in Ad Industry
The Star
14th May 2013
play Fulltime Job Offers for Pilot Graduate Fellowship Programme Participants
Marketing Magazine
21st December 2012



play The Samurai Game Offers an Intense Challenge of Self-mastery for Agency Heads in the Region
Campaign Brief
13th January 2011



play Tapping the Demand for Innovative Thinking
The Star
10th January 2015
play Jobseekers Looking for Employers Who Can Bring out the Best in Them
The Malaysian Reserve
12th December 2014
play Janet Lee, Director of Ninety Five Percent Sdn. Bhd, Assumes the Role of Vice President of IAA
IAA Malaysia
21st May 2013
play 95% The Advertising Academy Develops Talent in the Advertising Sector with 4As
The Star
30th March 2013
play People ‘N Rich Launches Training Scheme
The Star
17th November 2012
play Passion-driven Founder Janet Lee Set up 95% to Champion Untapped Talent
Marketing Magazine
5th September 2008
play 95% Trainings’ BEIP Allows Ad Students to Experiment and Apply College Learnings
The Star
5th November 2006