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FUEL Advancing Shinesters From Good To Great

If you thought SHINE was empowering, wait till you see what FUEL can do for your people. The journey that began in SHINE continues in FUEL. SHINE provided the space for participants to gain a greater degree of self-awareness and empowerment. Now, FUEL will kick it up a notch: they’ll get to experience the tremendous results that can be achieved when they allow body, mind, heart and soul to be completely engaged and activated.

FUEL is designed for career breakthroughs by elevating interpersonal communication skills, embedding the seed of influential leadership and guiding participants to liberate themselves from limiting beliefs. They will realise that they have the power to be change they want to see.

FUEL is for Shinesters who are ready to extend themselves; individuals who are far from satisfied with being just ‘Good’ or ‘Okay’. People who embody the unconquerable and affirm that impossible should be in fact read, “I’m possible”.

The Training Objectives
  • Reconnect participants with their purpose of being in your organisation and how they can increase their contribution
  • Be challenged to perform at a level that is beyond what you presently believe to be possible
  • Create a wake-up call for participants to change from being good to exceptional
  • Guide participants to manage stress better, so that they can revive their energy, passion and creativity, stay sharp, be more alert and therefore more efficient.
  • Enrich their ability to influence people of all levels (subordinates, bosses & clients)
  • Be empowered to proactively create positive change instead of waiting for change to happen
  • Be challenged to keep expanding beyond their comfort zones
Duration : 3 Days
Who should attend : People of all levels who have completed the SHINE training and ready to raise their game.
Trainer : Janet Lee, Chin Lai Meng and Christie Seah
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Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.