The Copywriter’s Training

If you have your heart set on being an awesome copywriter, this is the training for you. It is only open to graduates of Idea Rawkstarrs and Idea Generators In Progress.

The Copywriter’s Training is designed to hone your craft skills. It is an intensive 8-week training that will bring out the copywriter in you, who writes to deliver a particular message. The training will focus on the Print medium as that is still the benchmark by which copywriters are measured : if you can handle Print, you can handle everything else.

You’ll learn how to finish off your ideas with impactful headlines and engaging copy. In Idea Rawkstarrs and the Gradaute Fellowship Programme, you only scratched the surface of your to go deep. You will write, and write, and write until the skills are deeply programmed into you. Then at the end of the training, your work will be judged by Malaysia’s top Creative Directors.

Module 1 : Great copy starts with great ideas.
Develop a solid understanding of what good copy is by learning from the great ones. This module will take an in-depth look at great copy-led ads in print, TV and interactive. You will be taught the tips, tricks and techniques behind them. You will also learn to see the idea behind the copy and tune into the thinking behind the ideas before you begin to work on your ideas (prepared prior to the class) to generate copy-led ideas and write arresting headlines.
Module 2 : Now that you’ve got their attention, what would you say?
If you were given just one shot to reach the minds of millions of readers, what would you say? In this module, you’ll learn to plan your body copy, anticipate your reader’s response, craft an inviting flow in your copy and end with a closed deal.
Module 3 : Now, Let’s Play With Words…
Learn to use words to serve the idea, to connect with your readers and to create personality while developing an instinct for subliminal manipulation. Your choice of words have more power than most people ever realise.
Entry Criteria : Completed Idea Rawkstarrs or Idea Generators In Progress
Trainer : Janet Lee
Duration : 9 weeks

Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

For the write up, click here to download.