Me? A Copywriter?

If you’re good in English, enjoy writing and love being creative, you may want to give Copywriting a shot.

Copywriting is writing that meets an objective. Copywriters don’t need to have art or design skills. They take a product and conceptualise great communication ideas for it. It is a demanding career, but for those who develop the required skills and character, the rewards are great.

What you can expect from working in the advertising world is excitement. No two jobs assigned to you will ever be exactly the same. No two days are ever the same. And you’ll constantly be challenged to come up with fresh and new ways of looking at a product.

Me? A Copywriter is a 3-hour mini workshop for anyone from students to working professionals who’re interested in learning about copywriting.

Contact Jon or call 03-2095 2995/1995 (Jon) to customize it to your company as an in-house program.