3 Months

This is a 3-month part-time training for bright young sparks who have the passion and potential to be stars in your agency.

Many of today’s fresh talent are hard working and eager to learn. But really, do you or your managers have the time to guide them as much as you would like?

Let us save you some time and manpower. We’ll polish them up, and send you back a star.

The Idea Rawkstarrs training solidifies their understanding of advertising while developing their level of confidence and ownership.

They’ll learn to think and reason things out. Speak up, share ideas and evaluate work against the strategy. In short, they’ll understand how to generate ideas that are right for the client, and the brand.

Send us your fresh Account Executives, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Jr Art Directors. In just 3 months, you will see a more energised, more vibrant and more productive young star.

Welcome to the world of advertising.

The days are busy, your life seems out of control. Things are moving at light speed and your bosses expect you to know things you never learnt in university. But they believe in you. They see your potential, and that’s why they are training you to be an idea rawkstarr!

Module 1: The Initiation

This is an initiation that’ll open your mind to understand that IDEAS are the new currency. This is a vital foundation for all who desire to succeed in advertising and marketing.
• Advertising As A Marketing Tool
• Put On Your Marketing Hat
• Streetsmart Market Analysis
• Understanding What People Buy and Why They Buy
• Evaluating Ideas : Identifying The Message & The Idea
• Learning Through Observation & Inquisitive Questioning

In addition to skills, you’ll develop a steady sense of self-confidence, torrents of passion and a constant flow of ideas. When things are moving at lightning speed, you be able to think fast, be resourceful and yet remain clear-headed and cool.

In Module 1, we include a weekend of Personal Growth. This is designed to bring out these qualities and spur you on to grow as a responsible, powerful and purpose-driven individual. For many participants, this self discovery weekend was the most valuable part of the entire training.

Module 2: The Strategy Behind The Idea

Strategies are guidelines that ensure everything you create stays relevant. It’s the foundation upon which you build your argument to support your creative ideas. Mastering this makes your work bullet-proof. In this module, you’ll be learning how to build a strong strategy that supports your ideas and get them sold.

• Reading The Market : What are advertisers doing today? Tomorrow?
• What makes a brand? Why?
• Seeing The Opportunities
• Jumpstart Your Creative Engine
• Evaluating & Selecting Your Strategic Direction
• Presenting Your Work

Module 3: Explode With Ideas

This training teaches you to maximize the creative flow so you can keep coming up with great ideas that work for traditional mediums as well as digital and interactive. You’ll learn to evaluate and rationalize your ideas so you’ll know how to present them in a way that gets them sold!
• Developing Creative Habits
• Stretching Logic
• Creativity With A Purpose
• Ideas From Your Heart
• Drilling Down For A Deeper Impact
• Sharpening Your Evaluating Skills
• Getting Feedback From Creative Directors

At the end of the training…

You will get to present your ideas to Creative Directors, Account Directors, Strategic Planning Directors, who will give you guidance based on their vast experience. You’ll also be given a Certificate of Completion. More importantly, you’ll be able to take on challenges and achieve goals that ordinary people would not even dare to attempt. You’ll be an inspiring example. You’ll be a star.

Training Details

Trainers : Janet Lee, Peter Gan.
Training Duration : 3 months
Schedule : Classes are 3 times a week, from 6.30pm – 10pm
Full schedule is available upon request.
Click here for PDF write up.

Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

I’m already 2 weeks into work, and almost everyday, I’m going ‘Ohhh.. I’ve learned that in Idea Rawkstarrs!’ and I am so thankful I did the training before entering the industry! – Lynette Natasha, Copywriter at TBWA\Kuala Lumpur


The one thing that’s really, really important to me is that “a good ad is not an ad”. This has reminded me to always open my head and my heart to receive new things everyday, and it has proven to be good. The pressure in 95% prepared me to be ready to face hard times when I was freelancing in Shanghai doing pitches, rush jobs, facing nasty clients and tough bosses. – Randy Raharja, Award winning independent designer


It is a personal training that you will never able to find it anywhere else. The main reason is because the trainers train us with passion and with true heart. – Chan Wei Bin, IRS Intake 8


Priceless knowledge imparted by experienced & insightful facilitators through hands-on work to be judged by industry experts. – Naqib Shamsuri, IRS Intake 8


Honestly I had very little expectations, because how much can a 3 months training do? But the training has far exceeded any expectations I could’ve come up with. – Khalida, IRS Intake 8