A revolutionary new training designed to get fresh talent directly into ad agencies. The unique feature of this training is that candidates get a guaranteed job when they sign up. That’s right! They’ll get the job confirmation letter even before they start training. And when they graduate, their salary will be no less than RM2,300. This is guaranteed.

If you’ve ever dreamt of working in this exhilarating industry, here’s your big chance. Six months from now, you could be starting your exciting new career as a Copywriter, Account Executive or Strategic Planning Executive.

It doesn’t matter what your background is, talent can be found anywhere. Apart from Advertising and Mass Comm courses, advertising agencies are interested in graduates from Business, Marketing, IT, Law, Architecture, Engineering, Philosophy, Psychology and even Finance. There are many success stories where people from these disciplines have ended up as Creative Director, Managing Director and even CEOs.

Training Content

The 6-month training is made up of four modules, with a one week break in between each one. All Account Executives, Planning Executives and Copywriters will go through the first three as they provide the necessary foundation, basic skills and mindset required of an advertising professional. The fourth module trains the candidates for their respective jobs.


Module 1 : Advertising As A Marketing Tool – 4 weeks (47 hours)
This module builds a solid foundation for clever creative solutions that work in the real world. Candidates will understand what makes great advertising, and how to create it. They will understand what the various terms (USP, ESP, SMP, Positioning) mean and how it all links back to the client’s business. This module includes a Personal Growth weekend where candidates get to work on increasing self-awareness, liberating creativity and developing a clear sense of ownership for all that they are involved in. This is a unique feature of 95% as we believe that even the most gifted individual will find it hard to excel if they have not developed the attitudes and characteristics that empower them to overcome challenges.


Module 2 : The Idea Behind The Strategy – 6 weeks (54 hours)
This module trains candidates to think strategically: search for consumer insights and find meaningful ways to link it to the Brand. This requires both left and right brain engagement. Their creativity is nurtured and stimulated such that they are able to connect thoughts and ideas in ways that are new and yet relevant. They will be introduced to a basic Advertising Strategy format and understand how it is developed. More importantly, they will have a clear understanding that the format is a guide to direct their thinking; it is not just a form to be filled out. They are trained to evaluate, rationalise and present their thinking process and ideas.


Module 3 : Generating Ideas – 6 weeks (54 hours)
Candidates are trained to conceptualise ideas that deliver the message with impact. There are no ‘how to’s or formats given. Instead, they are required to identify all the different ways in which they can engage the specified target audience, even if they have to create new media or spaces for their message to be experienced. They will be challenged to go beyond the boundaries of what they believe to be possible, and they will emerge from this module transformed into an Idea Generator.


Module 4 : Learning Specific Skills – 5 weeks (45 hours)
The Copywriters will be trained to :

  • write engaging headlines
  • organise their thoughts and structure an argument
  • be familiar with different lengths of bodycopy
  • write in different voices.

Account Executives will be trained to :

  • understand how to manage workflow
  • be familiar with the processes and paperwork involved
  • practise negotiation skills

Planning Executives will be trained to :

  • understand and be familiar with ‘planning tools’
  • interpret data and draw insights from hard facts
  • tune in to their own gut feel and instincts, and know how to combine that with research data.


Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

The presenters not only did their homework and research well but also exuded a level of confidence required for the industry they will soon join. I believe 95% The Advertising Academy is the first in the country to provide an accurate feel on what the industry is really about. This will prepare the Hydrogen candidates to short-cut their ‘freshie’ stage and have a quantum leap at the beginning of their career. I truly believe this will set new heights for the industry. – Brian Lee, Director of Corporate Marketing, Samsung Malaysia.


I graduated from the school of hard knocks. I thought I was born a loser until I found copywriting. Stumbling my way through various freelance jobs later, I found 95% Hydrogen programme. Janet Lee gave hope and had faith on me like no other. I believe what happened after that was not history but the beginning of a success story. – Jennie Ban, Copywriter, McCann Erickson


Hydrogen opened the door for me and prepared me for the demands of the advertising industry. 2 years on, I’ve gotten two increments, a bonus and dare I say, my employers are pretty pleased with me. Cheryl Low, Account Executive, McCann Erickson


I was desperately searching for a goal, a purpose in life. I joined Hydrogen to be a successful copywriter. Now, my bosses are very happy with me. I just got another increment last month and my CD said “you’ve no idea how much of a blessing you are to me”. She said that I’ve improved exponentially & that I’ve exceeded her expectations. So everything’s great! – Eelyn Ng, Copywriter, Mega Ads


What to do with an English degree? Copywriting sounded cool but I had no idea where to start. I had the vocab, I had the grammar, 95% filled in the puzzle pieces that remained; strategy, ideas, and crafting, plus the uncovering of confidence and a passion that I didn’t realise was in me all along. I have never willingly worked so hard before I came to 95%. And I loved every minute of it. – Ng Bee Nee, Copywriter, McCann Erickson