Fasttrack to the next breakthrough

Whether you are going from good to great, or great to incomparable, the elements for breakthroughs are the same – self-discovery, clarity of vision, and the willingness to break down ‘what was’ to attain ‘what can be’.

At Fasttrack, participants are guided to uncover these elements within themselves. Then, propelled by these elements, they go on to make breakthroughs for themselves and their organisations.

In this unique and intensive three-day programme, participants are challenged to:

  • Re-look at their roles in the communications and marketing industry and understand how their contribution can make a difference to themselves, their careers and the industry
  • Break through limiting beliefs and mindsets that get in the way of their future success (even if they are already successful)
  • Be brave enough to open their hearts and develop the empathy to build strong relationships between clients- creative agency- media agency, inspire their colleagues and connect with target audiences
  • Develop leadership as a core quality so that they can have greater control and influence
  • Liberate their creativity and reignite their passion.


At the end of the three days, they will emerge renewed and transformed, ready for their next career breakthrough.

“This is one initiative of AFAA that has helped many youngsters to rise dramatically in their organisations and take on roles disproportionate to their level of seniority.”
Srinivasan Swamy, Chairman, RK Swamy Hansa & President, IAA Global
“My team at Outreach has been participating AFAA’s Fasttrack since last few years and I have seen them grow into exceptional management leaders. This is really awesome.”
Ujaya Shakya, Managing Director, Outreach Nepal


Date of Programme : 11 – 13 September 2019 Wednesday – Friday (residential)
Who should Attend : The stars of your organisation, whatever level they may be.

Day 1: Looking Within

Day 1 is designed to lead participants to take a look inside themselves, and rediscover the passion, inner strength, resourcefulness and resilience that will empower them to give their 100% to their careers, their organisations and to the world around them.

9.00 am Module 1 : Why Are You Here & Where Are You At?

  • Guided reflection on life goals & where you are in relation to where and who you want to be.
  • Learning from feedback
12.30 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Module 2 : Developing Empowerment

  • Responsibility begins with “I”
  • The power of intention
  • Breaking out of limiting mindsets
  • Exploring the vicious cycle
7.00 pm Dinner
8.00 pm Module 3 : Releasing Limiting Beliefs & Recreating Who You Are

  • Win?win as a way of life
  • Reigniting passion
  • Authentic self expression
10.00 pm Training ends
Day2: Reaching Out

During Day 1, the participants will gain insights into the beliefs that drive their automatic behaviours and have the opportunity to let them go. In Day 2, they will be coached to practise applying the new empowering concepts they have learnt to the way they communicate and interact with other people. This is an essential skill for advertising and marketing professionals because our business is built on understanding consumer insights.

9.00 am Module 1 : Effective Communication

  • Exploring the 5 levels of communication
  • Getting connected with consumers

Module 2 : Being The One To Create Change

  • Taking charge through leadership
  • Creating the experience you intend
12.30 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Module 3 : Resolving Interpersonal Issues & Creating The Relationship You Intend

  • Applying the learnings to real life situations through a series of role plays
6.00 pm Assignment Briefing and Introduction to Mentors

  • You will be given an assignment to work on overnight. The assignment is a group assignment and each group will be assigned an industry senior as a Mentor, to coach you on the assignment.
7.00 pm Training ends
7.30 pm Dinner with mentors
8.30 pm Group work session
Day 3: Presentation & Completion

After working on the assignment in your groups overnight, you’ll present your assignment to your Mentors. You will have the opportunity to get feedback from the Mentors. After the presentations, we will take you through a review the training and a completion process before ending the training.

9.00 am Presentation of assignment
12.30 pm Lunch, check-out and debrief with Mentors
2.00 pm Review and Wrap-up
5.00 pm End of training

Please download the respective write ups below for more details and important information.
For Malaysian and residents of Malaysia:

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For International delegates:

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To enquire further, email or call us at 03-7932 3096.
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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;


“It was a brand new precious experience that makes me realise that I could better than I am right now.” – Arief Fadhillah, Pt Dwi Sapta, Indonesia


“Absolutely loved the organising team. They inspired me to pitch in.” – Naznoor Rahman Rino, Adcomm, Bangladesh.


“The training is amazing for person like me who needed to be shown the mirror and make me realise my powers & energies/ hidden talents.” – GunvantSoni, Ogilvy & Mather, India.


“Found back the passion that I missed when I first join the company. I would like to thank everyone who have put his/her effort to make this training happen.” – Kok Way, Media Compete, Malaysia


I would love the training to be longer and would love to have this in India again. – Sneha Bhosle, Analyst Marketing, ACI (Mahindra & Mahindra LTD), India


It focused on the most important part of your career. You. – Srividya Sankaran, Senior Copywriter, Contract, India


I like the fact that it’s different, that it’s something I’ve not done before. I’ve learned things I never knew I needed to learn and the whole rediscovery journey was very inspiring and satisfactory. The trainers were great at not just being able to bring out the mental and physical aspect of myself, but given more value and strength at the same time. – Jessica Teh, Senior Executive, Mindshare, Malaysia


The training is so unique, Instead of someone training me, I become my own teacher. – Preema Gandhi, Deputy Manager, Dainik Bhaskar Group, India




The trainer’s guidance is the key of success in this training. It let me look at myself closely, be opened once again! Trainers are extremely helpful. Meet different people in this forum. The exercises are all so right and impactful. The mentor program is great and knowledgeable. – Andrew cheng, Radio Media Services Co, Taiwan




Thank you so much for taking the time to conduct this training for us. There cannot be a better group of people to have pulled this off successfully.
Also, we (Alice, Yap Keong and myself) met up with Kenneth yesterday (our boss) and expressed our gratitude to him. He was very happy for sharing the feedback with home. We also shared our professional goals with him and he immediately saved the date as a reminder. You can say it’s now part of our KPI.
– Chris Gayondato, Executive, Astro, Malaysia


It was a pleasure meeting you and all at Fasttrack. It was 3 great days I went through and it helped me to accelerate my journey. Also as I mentioned at the beginning, the training helped me to start achieve my objectives. I would like to thank all at 95% and Fasttrack for giving me a meaningful experience. – Shafraz Thameem, Head of Marketing, Promowatch Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka

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