Empowering the next generation of ad people

The Training Objectives

The Shine training will lead participants to look inside themselves to rediscover their passion, purpose and power. They will:

  • Explore their role in the advertising and marketing industry and how their contribution can make a difference to themselves, their careers, their organisation and the industry.
  • Explore and break through limiting beliefs and mindsets that get in the way of their success.
  • Liberate their creativity and reignite their passion.
  • Develop ‘people skills’: from understanding clients and agencies, inspiring colleagues to being able to relate to the target audience.
  • Practice applying the learning to the whole process of creating and marketing campaign: from strategizing to creating the work, to presenting.
  • Instill mental stamina and resilience to handle the intense challenges unique to this industry.
  • Develop leadership as a core quality so they can have more initiative and be more effective in their work .
Part 1 : Pre-Training Foundation
Duration : 2 Hour session

An opportunity for participants to get clear about what they would like to achieve in the training, set their goals, and get to know other participants.

Part 2 : The 3-Day Residential Training
Duration : 3 Days
Day 1
9am – 1pm Training Begins
Developing Empowerment
The Power Of Intention
Responsibility Begins With “I”
Learning From Feedback
Building Trust & Self-Esteem
1pm – 3pm LUNCH & check-in to rooms
3pm – 10pm Breaking Out Of Limiting Mindsets
Exploring The Vicious Cycle
The Willingness To Change
Win-Win As A Way Of Life
Authentic Self Expression
Exploring The Many Facets
10.00pm End of Day 1
Day 2
9am – 12.30pm Effective Communication
Taking Charge Through Leadership
Stepping Up Ownership
Being The One To Create Change
Powerful Listening Skills & Communication Styles
Getting Connected With Consumers
The Briefing Experience
Sharing & Rationalising Ideas
12.30pm – 2pm LUNCH
2pm – 7pm Applying the learnings to real life situations through a series of role plays.
Assignment Briefing, Group Work & Meet Your Mentor
7 – 8pm DINNER
8.30pm Ad Forum with Industry Leaders
Day 3
9am – 12.30pm Presentation of assignment
12.30pm – 2pm LUNCH, check out & debriefing with your Mentor
2pm – 4pm Review & wrap-up. End of training.

Contact Thiva, or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

I only hear good comments from various agencies on the SHINE program. Well done. – Datuk Vincent Lee President, Association of Accredited Advertising Agents


I know that you have made a difference in the lives of the people at the Shine training. Many thanks on behalf of the 4As. We need some positive outlook for the industry and it starts firstly with a small group and then I’m sure it will catch on. – Tony Savarimuthu Vice President, Association of Accredited Advertising Agents


I think this training is extremely useful for us advertising people, as it makes us realise that in order for us to successfully change people’s life, we first need to look at and evaluate ourselves. – Participant Cassandra Lee, DDB International


I have found my creative staff re-energised from their experience (which is great!). They are coming across more positive, determined and taking the lead in some instances rather than just sit back and let things slide. – Szu Lee, Deputy Chairman & Executive Creative Director, McCann Erickson


I thought this seminar was for demotivated people. I was wrong! It’s to move potential people to greater heights that they’ve never imagined before. – Mabel Lau, Media Planner, Universal McCann

Media (click to view)
play Changing the Way the Ad Industry Works
Marketing Magazine
24th September 2008