The Training Objectives

Shine Leaders is a 3-day training conducted once every 2 years and designed for the 4As that empowers individuals with positions of leadership within the ad agencies. Participants of Shine comprises of Account Directors, Creative Directors, Strategists, Art Directors and other middle management people. At Shine Leaders, participants are led to play a bigger game – learning to embrace leadership, not just as a job requirement but as a mindset for life.

  • Explore and clarify their purpose for being in the advertising industry and how their involvement and leadership can make a difference.
  • Explore and realise the limiting beliefs and mindsets that may be holding them back from even greater achievements as a leader.
  • Liberate their creativity and reignite their passion.
  • Hone their ‘people skills’: from managing clients, inspiring subordinates and team members, to connecting with the target audience.
  • Practise applying the learnings to the whole process of creating a campaign: from brief to strategy and communication ideas
Part 1 : Pre-Training Foundation
Duration : 2 Hour session

The training begins with a 2-hour session that builds the foundation of the training context. This is an opportunity for each participant to get clear about what they would like to achieve in the training, set goals and get to know the other participants.

Part 2 : The Residential Training
Duration : 3 Days
Day 1 (9am – 10pm)
Day 1 leads participants to participate in exercises, games and activities that reveal automatic behaviour patterns and the mindset that is causing it.

  • Participants will identify the mindset and beliefs that limit them, and have an opportunity to deal with them in order to create space for new, empowering beliefs that are aligned to their career goals.
  • Topics include:
    (i) Ownership & Responsibility

    • Exploring Leadership
    • The Power of Intention
    • Learning from Feedback
    • Building Trust & Leadership
    (ii) Breaking Out of Limiting Mindsets

    • Exploring the Vicious Cycle
    (iii) Win-Win as A Way of Life
    (iv) Authentic Self-Expression

    • Exploring the Many Facets
    • Normal vs Natural
Day 2 (9am – 10pm)
  • Participants will explore and experience how they can apply Day 1’s learning to build powerful partnerships with each other.
  • They will explore and push the boundaries of what one individual can do in order to lead the team to victory
  • Participants will learn to incorporate their personal realisations into their professional roles.
  • Topics covered will include:
    (i) Levels of Communication

    • Authentic Communication to Build Trust and Respect
    • Getting Connected with Consumers
    • The Power to Create Experiences
    (ii) Resolving Issues

    • Applying all learning to resolve real issues in the workplace
    (iii) Assignment Briefing
    (iv) AD FORUM

    • Q & A with industry leader
Day 3 (9am – 4pm)
  • Participants will have the opportunity to present their work to a panel of industry leaders, and receive feedback.
  • In the final segment, participants will set professional goals to be achieved within one month.
  • The training ends with the participants receiving acknowledgement for their contribution and learning.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

“Outstanding, Enriching, Liberating!”
Christie Herman, Creative Director, McCann Erickson

The training is comprehensive. It’s not just a 3-day training to me. If we keep practising, it could actually be a life training as well.
Michael Yip, Euro RSCG


Shine Leaders gave me an answer to why I’m still in advertising. – Tieh Pui Yen, Account Director, Grey Worldwide


It’s valuable in helping me to see the path that I envisioned long time ago but was distracted. So, it was good that it reminded me of it. Back to being on track! – Sonny Low, McCann Erickson