Leadership Strategies

Great leadership begins with personal mastery.

Mastery is the capacity to instantly produce results. It is about knowing what outcome you want to achieve, and having both the skills and the state of mind that can produce that outcome. Being in the right place at the right time is not enough to guarantee success. You also need to be the right person. This is why personal mastery makes all the difference to someone who wants to do more than just make a living.

Leadership starts from within.

Leadership Strategies is a 2-day experiential workshop designed to guide ambitious achievers to bridge the gap between the person they are right now, and who they aspire to be as a leader, a professional and a human being.

Leaders know how to master their energy.

Leaders who have outstanding energy create outstanding results. They are magnetic. People just want to be around them. They make things look easy. But where does this energy come from? Great reserves of energy are unlocked when you master the ability to turn your fears into power. Everything that you’ve been working hard to achieve, at work and in your personal life, suddenly just flows and becomes effortless. As a result, your performance will reach a completely new peak. And your success will come with a greater sense of fulfilment and happiness.

Listen to Karthik Siva’s insightful sharing about ‘Leadership Through Personal Mastery’ on BFM Radio. You can download the podcast here.

Training Outline

Module 1 : Discovering the Song Within

There is a song within all of us waiting to be sung, a gift waiting to be opened, a genius waiting to be discovered. No matter how successful you already are, if you are not experiencing complete fulfilment, there may be more inside you that you have not discovered yet. The tragedy is when someone goes to their grave with their true genius still hidden inside them. This module will lead you to discover a bigger purpose, a greater source of your drive and passion.

Module 2 : Removing The Blocks That Stop You
What is stopping you from achieving the success you dream of? If you have not achieved it yet, there may be some limiting beliefs blocking you. Beliefs that you are not yet aware of. Here, you will explore strategies and techniques to remove these blocks, leaving you free to play a bigger game.

Module 3 : Fully Expressing Your Gifts
Module 3 : Fully Expressing Your Gifts

So what is it that you want to achieve and how can you apply your genius to it? No matter how huge the task, when there is clear purpose and passion, you will find a way. Learn the techniques that led Karthik to realise his impossible dream: the Global Brand Forum. Apply these techniques to your business and personal goals, and you too will be free to achieve your vision.

Who should attend : Leaders who wish to achieve mastery in all aspects of life.
Trainer : Karthik Siva
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9am – 6pm
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Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

The world must hear Karthik. – Gary Joseph Read, Business and Strategy Director, Intigus


This course was different and unexpected. Definitely something that is worth being shared. The soul searching exercise is something that everyone should experience. Karthik is one in a million. – Susanah Tan, Group Account Director, BBDO