95% Shots

A Shot of Winning Presentations

This intense 3-day workshop delivers a complete mix of the skills needed to plan and deliver presentations that sell the work and win clients over. Participants will go through many rounds of presenting, so skills improve with practice and confidence is steadily gained. This translates the participant’s learnings into actual growth.

Day 1: Presenting With Presence
In the first day, the participants are trained to amplify their voices through breathing exercises and vocal projection. Their basic skills are raised to a higher level where they learn to expand their presences in order to deliver an impact full experiences to the audience.

Day 2 : Strategising The Sell
Participants will understand the four basic behavioral types, and learn hoe to engage each one. This forms the foundation for them to anticipate concerns and therefore plan to pre-empt them even before they arise. They will learn to build their case, point by point, in a logical sequence that is easy on the audience over.

Day 3 : Pratise, Pratise, Pratise
On the third day, participant will be coached to combine everything they have learn, and create powerful presentations that win the audience over.
Who should attend : Senior Account Managers, Account Directors, Copywriters and Art Directors who make presentations.
Trainer : Janet Lee
Duration : 3 Days
Time : 9am – 6pm

Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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