95% Shots

A Shot of Mentorship Skills

It is said that mediocre teachers tell, good teachers explain, superior teachers demonstrate and great teachers inspire. In this session, learn how you can inspire your mentee to greatness while maintaining your own peak performance.

Module 1 : Creating empowerment
People grow when they are given the freedom to create their own path and find their own answers. In this first module, learn how you can set the context for independence and empowerment so that your mentees know that they are empowered to work toward their goals without being micromanaged.
Module 2 : Establishing 2-way communication
2-way communication is essential in any relationship including your relationship with your mentee. Learn how to communicate effectively with different personalities, how to give constructive feedback, and also how to deeply listen so that you can unlock your mentee’s inhibitions and empower them to work through their own issues.
Module 3 : Mentoring for the long haul
The greatest satisfaction of being a mentor is seeing your mentee’s growth over the course of the mentorship. In this last session, we’ll explore how you can mentor for progress, how to encourage without hovering, what to do when there’s a breakdown, and lastly, how to acknowledge and celebrate success.
Who should attend : Anyone who has the responsibility to supervise
and mentor a junior
Trainer : Janet Lee
Duration : 2 Days
Time : 9.00am – 6.30pm
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Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.