95% Shots

A Shot of Evaluating Ideas

In this one day workshop, you will be trained to dissect advertising ideas and objectively weigh them against the brief. You will develop discernment and the ability to separate the brave rebel ideas from those that are a mere creative work.

Module 1 : Identifying The Message & The Idea
In this module, participants will learn to identify the Message and the Idea in ads across all mediums. Once they are familiar with these distinctions, they will be better equipped to evaluate the ad against the brief: they’ll be able to judge if the Message is accurately delivered and if the Idea is going to resonate with the target audience.
Module 2 : Checking it against the brief
Participants will be trained to reason out why the ad answers the brief, or why it doesn’t. They’ll also learn to tune in to the nuances that make the difference.
Module 3 : Expressing your POV in a way that provides clear direction
Participants will learn how to give feedback without antagonizing the creative team. They’ll be trained to articulate their views in a way that is clear and incisive. So if the ad works, they will be able to lead their clients to recognize its merits, and if the ad falls short, they will be able to provide the creative teams with clear direction. This ability will get both creatives and clients listening to them, and respecting them as valued allies.
Who should attend : Account Executives, Account Managers and Planners
with 2 or more years of experience.
Trainer : Janet Lee
Duration : 1 Day
Time : 9.00am – 6.30pm

Contact Thiva, thiva@95percent.com.my or call 03-7932 3096 to customize it to your company as an in-house program.

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Testimonials (click to view)

Here are some commendations from our previous participants;

I learnt how to reason and articulate my rationales when reviewing creative work. I learnt what key parameters to use when reviewing a creative idea and the difference between idea and execution. – Chia Mei Yeng, Planner, Grey Worldwide


I have gained the differentiation between the terms ‘idea’ , ‘message’ and also being able to understand the relation or importance of ‘insight’ in any ad. Being equipped with the knowledge of these terms, allows me to have a constructive arguments with my creatives and/or client. – Nurshazwani Ashikin, Account Manager, BBDO