It is said that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.
But if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime.

We go beyond that.

We lead him to discover why he wants to fish.

Once he understands why catching fish is important to him,
he will search out the best way, or even create his own way,
of catching fish.

At 95%, we provide skills trainings that are built
on a foundation of personal growth.
This empowers the individual while developing the skills.

Our Vision is…

A world where everyone is free to live their vision.

95% The Advertising Academy
Ninety Five Percent Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 to provide trainings specifically in advertising, branding and personal growth

The brainchild of highly respected advertising practitioners Peter Gan and Janet Lee, 95% was designed to be a bridge between academics and the actual workplace. Shahnaz, the third Director of 95% , joins them with a background in experiential personal growth training.

Together, this team has created a programme unlike any other. It synergises learnings from over 20 years of working experience with empowering self-awareness to catalyse solid learning and development.

We believe the more the individual grows as a person, the richer his or her craft will be. So while participants learn skills, their innate creativity is nurtured and encouraged to bloom.

They are guided to discover the values within and build a positive outlook towards life and its many challenges.

This equips them to overcome professional and personal limitations, achieving their highest growth and fulfilment.

Our Mission

To be the No. 1 choice of training provider
for the advertising industry in Malaysia and eventually, the world.

To champion the development of responsible, powerful
and influential advertising people in the world.

To be in service to every person and organisation that
walks through our doors.

Meet the Team
Meet the Team - Jon Ong
Jonathan Ong
Culture Catalyst
Meet the Team - Priscilla Chew
Priscilla Chew
Culture Catalyst
Meet the Team - Jon Chu
Jonathan Chu
Culture Catalyst

As Culture Catalysts, Jonathan Ong, Priscilla Chew, Jonathan Chu (or #JPJ, as we love to call them) work with companies to understand their needs, and design customised solutions that drive performance in corporate culture, employee engagement, productivity and customer experience to the next level.

If workplace performance, employee engagement, or dynamic corporate culture is something you’re keen to improve in your company, give either Jons or Pris a call at 03-2095 2995 or mail them at (for Jonathan Ong), and (for Jonathan Chu).

Meet the Team - Grace Leong
Grace Leong
Project Coordinator

As Project Coordinator, Grace is the mastermind of excellent customer experience for all our clients, regardless if they sign up for a 12-month culture program, or a simple 1-day workshop. She works closely with 95%’s consultants, trainers, coaches and catalysts to ensure every programme runs smoothly with zero hiccups.

If you would like to discuss on how 95% can serve you in organizing impactful programmes for your company, Grace is your go-to person. She is contactable via email; or 03-2095 2995.

Meet the Team - Thiva
Thivassini Subramaniam
Digital Strategist

Thiva is the main person behind 95%’s digital platforms. She plans, analyses, recommends and implements multi-platform strategies by keeping the online users’ needs and interests at heart. She is the face behind 95%’s social networking sites. She works together with her equally passionate team to ideate and develop content for everything that is digitally consumed on 95%’s platforms.

If you would like to know about 95%’s digital platforms, or if you’re interested to learn more on 95%’s online content, please contact her at 03 – 2095 1995 or

Meet the Team - Nur Mastura Seth Abdul Rahim Seth<
Nur Mastura Seth Abdul Rahim Seth
Finance Executive

Mastura is the financial backbone at 95%. She deals with the finance departments of our partners and clients to ensure that paperwork and payments are professionally handled.

Please contact her if you require any invoices, receipts, or if you have any questions about 95%’s terms. She can be reached at 03 – 2095 1995 or