• Janet Lee
  • Peter Gan
  • Shahnaz Karim
Janet Lee
Trainer and Director

During her 20 years in advertising, as a Copywriter and Executive Creative Director, Janet was blessed to have had her every dream fulfilled.

She was a founding member of Spider Network, a local agency that rose to international fame when they became the first Malaysians to bring home the major international awards: The One Show and New York Art Directors Club.

In 2000, Janet’s passion for people moved her to design and deliver experiential training programmes. She spent three years conducting leadership trainings for the Young Achievers’ Club, where she worked with a group of high achievers, coaching them to maintain straight A’s while leading a balanced life that included creating intimacy with family members and leading community projects.

By this time, Janet realised that she had an uncanny ability to see and bring out the gifts in each individual. Her new goal was to develop herself as a Trainer, and she drove herself with the same passion and commitment that led to her unprecedented achievements in advertising. In 2004, she became a Certified Trainer for the Character Building Module of Malaysia’s National Service Programme, and was appointed as a Trainer of Trainers.

Janet’s strong background in both advertising and training puts her in a unique position to provide relevant and impactful trainings for the advertising industry. As Director and Trainer of 95% The Advertising Academy, Janet’s results speak for themselves : the top Kancil Student Award winners for the past four years were students of 95%.

Working closely with the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4As), 95% has created several revolutionary training programmes, including Shine, Shine Leaders, Fuel, Ad Unplugged and Hydrogen.

Janet’s goal in setting up 95% is to empower others to also have the joy of celebrating the fulfilment of their every dream.

Shahnaz Karim

Shahnaz is the Programme Director as well as a Trainer at 95%. In addition to specializing in Personal Growth, Communication & Interpersonal Skills trainings, he is the lead trainer of Idea Rawkstarrs and Hydrogen.

He started his career in IT before getting involved in training. Following his active involvement in teenage camps and experiential corporate trainings, including a stint as Motivational Trainer for Cyberfolks Training Camp, Shahnaz’s passion to empower people led to his full time involvement in the pioneering of the Character Building module of Malaysia’s Program Latihan Khidmat Negara.

He recruited and managed 120 facilitators for the Training of 1,250 Trainers throughout Malaysia, which he coordinated and trained. During the inaugural training in 2004, Shahnaz was Head of Quality Control in University Malaysia, one of the largest training centres, supervising over 100 trainers and 5,000 trainees.

At 95%, Shahnaz is the trainers’ coach and specialises in custom-designing training programmes for companies. He has trained in Malaysia as well as Indonesia, for companies like Auto Bavaria, Sushi King, Saujana Consolidated Berhad, Resorts World Berhad, Aplaus TheLifestyle, Naga DDB, TBWA-ISC, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, INSAN, INTAN and Jabatan Hal Ehwal Wanita.

At present, Shahnaz is is co-trainer for the Branding Mastery Series commisioned by the Multimedia Development Corporation together with Peter Gan, from Peter Gan & Associates.

Peter Gan
Trainer and Director

Peter Gan has been in Account Management for 15 years and has been CEO of his own Agency called Gan For Hire since 1997. He is known for his astute marketing acumen and sharp strategic branding. In 2007, he launched Peter Gan & Associates, a branding consultancy.

He started his advertising career as an AE in Wings Creative Consultants, which later became Wings/BBDO and eventually BBDO Malaysia.

He was later wooed and pursued by The Ball Partnership to handle the regional BAT business. When cigarette advertising was outlawed, the advertising landscape changed tremendously to include Trade Mark Diversification. Peter and his team innovated new tactics and pioneered ambient advertising and Customer Relations Management.

In 1992, Peter became Client Service Director and one of the 8 founding members of Spider Network, where his sharp strategic ideas inspired the creation of GE White On White’s award winning campaign, and made him Malaysia’s first Account Director to win a Bronze at The One Show.

In 2004, Peter persistently pushed, nagged and finally cajoled Janet to partner him in setting up Ninety Five Percent Sdn Bhd, a move which has since changed the course of many lives.

As lead trainer of the Strategic Thinking module, Peter constantly exposes his participants to real world marketing and branding innovations keeping them current and relevant.