Introducing The Samurai Game ®

An intense journey that brings out the hero in you.

Imagine being so grounded and rooted in your values that no matter how the world changes on you, you are able stay true to yourself while stepping up to new challenges, creating new paths for yourself and lighting the way for those around you.

Everyone has this potential in them. Maybe this greatness sometimes gets buried under the perpetual rush and routine of our lives. What, then, can we do to break out of this and attain a renewed sense of team and self?

We bring you The Samurai Game ®.

Invented by human-potential movement pioneer and aikido master George Leonard in 1977, The Samurai Game ® is a journey like no other.

Created to impart lessons in leadership and teamwork that are deeply rooted in a strong ethical code, this Game has touched hundreds of thousands around the globe, bringing out heroes in organisations like AT&T, Nokia, AIESEC International, the United Nations Secretariat, the US Army, Roche Corporation, Walt Disney Corporation Mexico, Alcatel-Lucent, and many, many more.

In 2010, Shaikh Shahnaz Karim became the first Malaysian to be a certified facilitator of The Samurai Game ®. The Game has since been conducted for TIME dotCom Berhad, FJ Benjamin, the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Institut Latihan Sabah and Lowe Indonesia, to extremely positive feedback.

The Samurai Game ® takes participants back to an ancient time, where the rules as they know it no longer exist. In this strange time and place, they have to battle – for their lives and the lives of their comrades. How will they show up away from the comfort and certainty of all they know, when everything is on the line?

More often than not, they will surprise themselves, and each other, with their own heroics. They will be surprised at the reserves of strength and determination that they have to do tasks that they would have thought impossible. Heroes, often unexpected ones, will be uncovered and be celebrated. Everyone comes away with new discoveries about themselves, each other and their ability to rise up to the occasion as leaders and as a team. Discoveries that will echo in their lives long after the game ends.

Are you ready unleash the hero that lies in each of your employees? See below for how you can bring The Samurai Game ® to your people.

The Samurai Game ® for Leaders

For the individual, the intense environment created by The Samurai Game ® will push them to their limits, requiring them to make tough decisions quickly amidst turbulence and uncertainty. Will they respond with warrior-like resourcefulness? To what degree? Participants will find that they have the inner strength to stand steady in the face of crisis and the courage to walk into the unknown.

To give individuals and small groups the opportunity to experience The Samurai Game ®, 95% periodically offers The Samurai Game ® as a public programme. Details of the next session of The Samurai Game ® are as follows:

Date: 13th – 14th December 2012
Venue: TBA


Fees Early Bird by 9 Nov
From 10 Nov onwards
Individual  RM 2,200 RM 2,600
Groups of 3 pax or more  RM 2,000 RM 2,400
For the write up, click here to download.


Call Sharon at 012 3100 343 or email her at: to register. 4As members in Malaysia will be accorded 100 Boomerang points per participant.

What other senior leaders have experienced

“The Samurai Game created a unique perspective of life and my role in it. The experience is a journey in self-awareness.”

Dean Bramham, CEO Publicis Malaysia

“It is an intense program to re-boot your system. Helps you get in touch with yourself and gives a unique perspective to handle situations in life.”

Ranganathan Somanathan, CEO Starcom Media Vest Group & Optimedia and President of MSA

“The Samurai Game is a unique leadership experience based on establishing personal principles, integrity and a very special perspective of how you can make decisions from both a personal and professional capacity. It is deep and plays on your mind long after you’ve left the game”

Tony Savarimuthu, CEO McCann Worldgroup and Vice-President of 4As

“To see, hear and feel with my whole being. Sometimes a simple realisation can make a world of difference to you as a person.”

Huang Ean Hwa, Deputy Chairman and ECD of McCann Erickson

“Everything happens when you slow down to the speed of life.”

Peter Gan, CEO of GanForHire and Peter
Gan & Associates

The Samurai Game ® for Teams

When run for companies or teams, The Samurai Game ® also serves to strengthen team spirit as well as cultivate leadership in each individual. After all, comrades who have given their all to each other in battle will forge bonds that last beyond the game.

If you have a team of between 20-80 pax, you can arrange to run The Samurai Game ® for your team. Call Sharon at 012 3100 343 or email her at: for more information on how to embark on this extraordinary journey to greatness together.

No. of participants: 18-25 pax Training Fee: RM 18,000.00
No. of participants: 26-35 pax Training Fee: RM 20,000.00
No. of participants: 36-50 pax Training Fee: RM 23,000.00
No. of participants: 51-80 pax Training Fee: RM 29,500.00

Training fee is HRDF claimable for companies in Malaysia.

For more information about the training, please contact Sharon

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