95% More


Do you believe that you can live a life of purpose and value
and make a difference?

Have you always been told that you’re a dreamer?

Welcome! We hope you feel at home. Here at 95% More, we are a bunch of diverse people from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common – we believe that we can tap into our full potential and make our dreams and visions come true.

We don’t claim to know all the answers, after all, we’re still on our own journeys. We’ve done our share of stumbling and getting lost, but that hasn’t kept us down. We want to share that it is possible to go your own path and live your own dream. Here’s our story- what we’ve learned along the way, what worked for us (and what didn’t), the tips, tools and inspiration that have kept us going when we’re down, and lifted us higher when we’re up. We’d be overjoyed if our sharing can help you in your journey in even the slightest way.

Do come and visit. We hope you’ll always leave refreshed, revived and inspired, and be ready for more – more life, more joy, more purpose, when you tap into the unexplored 95% of your potential.