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It’s Always This Versus Something Else

Have you ever felt somewhat shortchanged in life?
Like you deserve better, but it just wasn’t to be?

I did.

“Did” because I was once a childish fool, who never counted her blessings but believed that it was her divine right to have whatever her heart desires.

“Did” because I didn’t know better, and never opened my eyes to the many exciting possibilities that I could actually make happen.

Till I stumbled across this fantastic quote, which switched my perspective on most of what I thought was wrong with my life.

If it wasn’t this. It’d be something else. – Mitch Baylor

These immediately came to my mind.

“Something else”, being an overseas education.
“Something else”, being me gallivanting around Europe.
“Something else”, being me living on my own.

“This” being me, a local graduate with no Degree to flaunt.
“This” being my working life, a never-ending stream of challenges.
“This” being me, in mourning for my late grandfather whom I had lived with for the past 22 years of my life.

And guess what? Thank God that it’s “this” that I’m living right now.

Because missing out on that “something else” saved my folks hundreds of thousands of ringgit on a Degree in Design – a pursuit that would have been a waste of money as I recently discovered that I enjoy writing more than designing!

Because instead of doing that “something else”, I was given the chance to work with a team of the most wonderful people and mentors – bettering myself as both a person and a creative individual every day.

And lastly, because in not living that “something else”, I got to share 22 years’ worth of irreplaceable moments with my grandfather, whom I still miss so dearly till this day.

So if you find yourself upset when things don’t turn out your way, give yourself a short time to wallow in that misery, then move on. That “something else” may no longer be what you want in the end. It’s the “this” that counts.

Trust me, life always has an uncanny knack of doing just that.

You may not see it today, or even tomorrow – but the bright side of life is always there. All you have to do is banish that dark cloud from your mind and find it.

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